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  • What Qi means?

    In the most simple translation, Qi means energy, life-force, vitality.

    The Chinese character of qi 氣 consists of two parts,

    气 meaning air or breath and 米 meaning nutrition or food.

    What does Gong mean?

    In relation to QiGong, the Gong means repetition and diligent practice, after which ones inner conditioning will inevitably change.

  • The Three Treasures

    In the Chinese traditions, Qi is one of the Three Treasures 三寶.

    Qi can be better comprehended when learning more about Jing & Shen.

    When working with Qi, you directly influence your Jing & Shen and vice versa.

    Jing | Essence

    Qi | Force

    Shen | Spirit

  • What is QiGong?

    Qigong is the art and practice of utilising Qi for

    internal change, growth and development in unifying

    the body, mind, emotions, energy and spirit.

  • Qi enhancing tools

    We seek ways to improve the quality and quantity of our Qi.

    Along the journey, we have found Qi enhancing products,

    which we now distribute in Australia and New Zealand.

    World leading Medicinal Mushroom extracts

    Medicinal Mushrooms are highly valuable for inner cultivators for their subtle and profound effects and have been used for thousands of years by those seeking to refine and enhance their Qi.


    We distribute leading Medicinal Mushroom Extracts brand: ORIvEDA,

    supplier of highest bio-available potency mushrooms available.

  • Medical Qigong

    Qigong has been used for thousands of years as a form of medicine.

    Modern science is testifying the medical benefits of Qigong practice.

    Our mission is to make Medical Qigong better understood and integrated.

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